Medical Marijuana OK at Oakland Airport

Carrying some grade-A sticky icky with you? It’s time to start booking flights in and out of the Oakland International Airport. Holding the distinction of being the only airport that allows for medical marijuana to be transported through the terminals and on their planes, Oakland stands alone in its acceptance of pot. The policy is clearly stated in a three-page document quietly pushed through and enacted last February by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. It states that if deputies determine someone is a qualified patient or primary caregiver as defined by California law and has eight ounces or less of weed, he or she can keep it and board the plane.

However, given the fact that carrying and/or smoking reefer is a felony in the majority of the country, deputies do warn that passengers carrying weed could be in big trouble in every other airport in the States. The sheriff’s claim they do not narc on their drug-laden passengers by calling ahead to their destinations. “We never have. We’re certainly within our right to, but we never have,” said a spokesman for the sheriff’s office. “Our notification of the passengers is for their own safety and well-being.” The way it works is that TSA does the screening, and if there is marijuana found, they call in the sheriffs for further investigation. The sheriff’s in Alameda County weren’t always so gentle with medical marijuana users. In 2007, a traveling medical marijuana user from Washington state was harassed to a terrible degree. An attorney who has seen two of medical marijuana cases argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and has taught Oakland police cadets about medical marijuana issues said, “The sheriff’s deputies so harassed this person, it was heart-wrenching, they took his medicine, they broke his bong, they took his edibles. They were threatening him.” Now Oakland is a peaceful place for stoners. Traveling hash users take note: San Francisco International and Los Angeles International airports are relatively kind to medical marijuana users, while airports in Burbank, Ontario, and San Diego are not

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