May’s Must-Have Droid Apps: Lapse It, Spinal Tap, Oprah

Lapse It [$1.99] Who doesn’t love watching a flower bloom in a visually delightful, the-passage-of-time-blows-my-mind kind of way? That’s what we thought. Try your hand at playing God (or Heidegger) with Lapse It. Shoot your own time-lapse videos using your phone’s built-in camera. With amazing resolution and daring eff ects, capture everything from a busy a ernoon on Madison Avenue to the sun setting over the Hudson.

Spinal Tap Soundboard[$.99] The Droid now goes all the way up to 11. Unleash your inner rock star with the new Spinal Tap Soundboard. Featuring the best quotes and sound bites from the film, the app delivers jokes, one-liners, and deadpan observations that are sure to have you reliving your days on the road with Motörhead. As Michael McKean’s David St. Hubbins famously said, “I’m sure I’d feel much worse if I weren’t under such heavy sedation.” We couldn’t agree more.

Oprah Mobile [$.99] Unless your name is Stedman, you can never have too much Oprah in your life. Spend more time with the queen of daytime television (and the world, really) using Oprah Mobile. Watch highlights from your favorite episodes (Tom Cruise’s public meltdown, anyone?) and backstage interviews with your favorite stars, and read articles from O, The Oprah Magazine, all while listening to Miss Winfrey’s radio show, featuring her favorite co-host, Gayle King.

Guitar Lessons [$.99] Everybody wishes they could shred like Steve Vai or Jimmy Page, but who has the time, money, or willpower to sit through proper lessons when you could be collecting groupies right this second? Now you can take your very own private guitar lessons using your Droid, without having to step out of the house. With tons of easy-to-use instructional videos to watch and learn from, the pros will help you perfect your plucking skills in no time. Wait a minute—Is that “Crazy Train” we hear?

Cookie Locator [Free] From Samoas to Tagalongs to the perfect, elegant Thin Mint, Girl Scout Cookie month is better than your birthday and Christmas rolled into one. But sometimes, as anyone who lives in a four-story walk-up knows, getting your hands on the goods can prove difficult. Not anymore! With the Girl Scout Cookie locator, find cookie sales in your neighborhood and discover who’s hoarding all the Caramel DeLites. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? The app offers a helpful quiz to determine your real cookie personality. (We just hope to god you’re not a Peanut Butter.)

Revolver TV [$1.99] If you’re looking for some serious rock reading, you’re in luck. With the Revolver TV app, get exclusive content from the loudest music rag around. Read articles, listen to tracks, and watch videos you can only find here. See your favorite artists perform live and go behind the scenes as you enjoy exclusive backstage access. New videos are constantly being uploaded, so you’ll always have the latest rock royalty right at your fingertips.

Google Sky Map [Free] Whether you’re staring up at the cosmic unknown from a city rooftop or contemplating the star-covered abyss in the mountains, let your Droid be your window to the sky. Using Google Sky, point your phone at the heavens and the app will show you stars, planets, and constellations visible (if it weren’t for all that light pollution) from where you stand. Learn to identify all the celestial objects in and out of view as you tap into your inner Galileo.

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