Maripol and the Ups and Downs of Clubdom

I got my first invitation to Up and Down—the new club where Darby was and Plumm before that, and N.A. before that and Nells before that. It’s a great location and getting better. The new joint from the crew that brought us Butter, Darby, and 1OAK figures to be a hotspot for as long as it lasts. The rumors have it that the building is being “torn down in 2 1/2 years.” Clubs do better in sprints than say restaurants. The tear down of Darby makes more room for bottle bucks as savvy operators know that liquor is quicker than food, in terms of return on your money. The building also hosts the sports bar Snap and its basement boîte Stash, which are also slated for a new direction before the inevitable demolition.

I know whats going in there as well, and can only say it’s irrelevant here. The new construction of the complex into the dormitories for the worker bees figures to reshape that kind of raunchy corner that 14th and 8th has long been and bring it in line with the new upper West Village/lower Chelsea revival. It’s just down the block from the ever-expanding and chicer by the minute Meatpacking District. Soon there will no place left in Manhattan for the sleazy folk. Now, now no quips from the peanut gallery—not all club people are awful. Now again, the demo is a rumor, but I have been clued in on this by at least ten different sources, so it figures to be real.

The invite I got to Up and Down is for downtown deity Maripol’s new book release Maripola X. Maripol made waves as stylist and pal to Madonna back in the day. She has produced movies and a great DJ son, Lino Meoli. Lino DJ’d at the Up and Down opening last Friday. The book is a collection of Polaroids she snapped of denizens of the Downtown scene. There will be a signing event at that wonderful Marc Jacobs book store Bookmarc (400 Bleecker Street) early this Friday, February 7th—and then off to Up and Down for a later night celebration. Now this is all super RSVP-ie and it’s best to pull strings, sacrifice lambs and pray to false gods if you want to get in.

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