Mandarin Oriental Vegas Offers New ‘Twist’ on ‘Dining in the Dark’

Despite the obvious fascination, it’s a genuine commitment to ask someone to dine completely in the dark, as is the case at Berlin’s Unsicht-Bar or Blinde Kuh in Zurich and Basel. But exalted French chef Pierre Gagnaire is offering a culinary journey of the senses without the accompanying blinders.

As his rapturously reviewed Twist restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas this Wednesday, March 8, his “Dining in the Dark,” guests are only in the dark about what’s actually on their plate. A special five-course menu (with wine pairings) will allow epicures to experience the multitude of aromas, tastes and flavors without the preconceived notions of knowing beforehand what they’ve ordered.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for guests to really focus on the complex, yet delicious, flavors provided by each ingredient in every dish,” explains the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine Frederic Don.

It’s an interesting experiment, revealing the psychological effects of the dining experience. Considering Gaganire’s trio of Michelin stars, it will certainly also just be an unforgettable meal.

Pair it up with the hotel’s “One More Night” promotion, which gets you a fourth night free.



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