Man Shows French Not All Americans Obese, Some Able to Fly with Balloons

Earlier this morning, an American man flew across the English Channel on a chair lifted by dozens of helium balloons, a means of transport typically relegated to animated films (see: Up) and little-known indie flicks (see: Danny Deckchair). Jonathan Trappe, 36, launched at 5am this morning from the South East of England—less than five hours later, he landed in a French cabbage field before winds blew him into Belgium. He was the first person ever to cross the channel in a free-floating balloon rig.

This wasn’t Trappe’s first flight of fancy. Last month, he set a record for the longest helium balloon flight in history, soaring over North Carolina for almost 14 hours at a distance of 109 miles.

“It was just an exceptional, quiet, peaceful experience,” Trappe told reporters of his latest venture. As if the feat weren’t already cinematic enough, Trappe controlled his descent by cutting free balloons. However, upon landing, Trappe was questioned by French authorities and apparently arrested by the gendarmes. Details are still forthcoming on his current status.

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