Making the Cut at Milan’s Top Nightspots

imageUnlike some cities, where certain spots turn door selection into a nightly CIA screening, exclusive, chic venues in Milan aren’t quite as fussy as say, Eldridge, Beatrice, or Chloe in New York. Milanese nightlife is either hot or cold, depending on the night. For example, Cavalli Café can be a barren desert one night, and the next a flourishing, guarded jungle of models and tycoons. Here are our recommendations for the right night to stroll in like you own the place.

Armani Privé – The privileged lounge in the heart of Campus Armani continues to cull a crème de la crème crowd yearning to shimmy to commercial beats. Your best bet is to get to know the guys at Très Jolie who promote the generally marvelous Wednesday serata. (And of course pull those labels out of the closet.) ● Le Banque – Thursday nights have quickly catapulted to couture levels with a flock of fashion birds. The ladies shouldn’t have too much trouble here, so long as you remember that this is Milano and not Detroit. Spruce men dripping in leggy women will pass through as well. A JV shitshow that makes us giddy! ● Just Cavalli Café – The constant, weekly bliss that Roberto once bestowed into his cherished brainchild has expired. Now, Cavalli Café seems to be a destination for fabulous private parties. If you’re not on the list, a desperate model, or sleeping with a celeb, don’t come. Otherwise try your luck and hope that your current-season Marni and astoundingly good looks will do. Shallow, sometimes disappointing, but true … ● Jamaica – A historic saloon of sorts with a strong una cosa fra noi (“a thing between us”) attitude. Jamaica has no established door policy per se, but prepare to be ostracized a tad or rejected if you do not hail from a buona famiglia. Even Mussolini used to wander through Jamaica’s doors — so just keep your upper crust game in shape. ●Plastic – Try to beg to differ, but Milano hasn’t seen a better club. Plastic remains the candy castle for chicsters of all creeds. There are no reservations taken, but word to the wise is to constitute all things fabulous at the door. The unofficial slut-fest (a.k.a. “The House of Bordello”) on Saturdays evenings is “gay night” and tends to be trouble-free in terms of selectivity. However, “London Loves Fridays” can be a quite a finicky scene. Here, fashionable individuality is always celebrated.

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