Making Cereal Hip? Milk Tavern Opens in LA

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Back in 2015, anti-gentrification protestors vandalized the admittedly stupidly-named Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch, London. The reason was that its overpriced bowls of store-bought cereals represented a new sort of absurdity in the moneyed-takeover of their neighborhood.

The owners of LA’s new Milk Tavern will suffer none such fate. After all, it’s located in Koreatown, which has carefully balanced hipster encroachment with the existing traditions and citizenry of the old neighborhood. And, well…Los Angeles actually seems like the right place for an unapologetically trendy dessert bar.

This is a strictly grownup affair, as its #olderkidsonly manifesto and, well, booze, would decisively testify. But you’re definitely coming here to throw off the stresses of the oppressive adult world. So plan to grab a glass of bubbly and some liquor-infused (kahlua, Maker’s Mark) ice cream; or perhaps order up a soft serve Captain Crunch cone and beer float, and head for the ping-pong table. The space is sexy, fun, and even has a gorgeous plant wall, as well as classic video game machines.

And really, as the world comes apart all around us, what could be more comforting than games, cereal and champers?