Maine Coffee Shop Going Topless

imageUPDATE: Whoops! It burned down!

The weather forecast clocked in at 31 degrees this morning for Vassalboro, Maine, but you can bet it’s toasty warm inside the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop that just opened yesterday. They’ve got the heat cranked in there because the servers are, well, a little underdressed for the weather. In fact, they’re topless. No tassels or nipple stickers — it’s full on naked titties at this little gem of a coffee shop in Maine. The men are shirtless as well, but I’m guessing the ladies that are bringing in the lion’s share of business over there. Upwards of 60 customers came in on day one (this from a town of 4,500).

And apparently, this was a hot job in this jobless market – -over 150 candidates showed up to interview, only to be narrowed down to the 10 lucky winners who get to serve hot cups of $3 joe while half naked. You’ve got to be 18 or over to get inside the door, and there’s a strict no-touching and no-photography policy enforced by a white-shirted bouncer. Plenty of people in Vassalboro are not happy about this “trashy” development, but many others apparently welcome the sight of tatas in the morning.

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