Secret Pop Ups and It Girls: A Seriously Great Tuesday Night Out

Amanda Lepore at Westway by Marco Ovando

There was time when one could visit NYC and there would be a single club that was number one. Everybody knew it. There were two or three or four other joints that certainly held their own, and a bevy of after hours spots and underground one-offs that entertained. Today there isn’t a dominant club, a be-everything-to-all-types like back in the day. Clubs have become more specialized, maybe a bit homogenized, and certainly less fun for those who celebrate differences rather than commonality. In this environment of one-offs, obscure weekly parties in otherwise less exciting environments and pop-ups are a great answer to the question of where to go.

Tonight there’s a good one. It’s a semi-secret pop up in the basement of Louie and Chan (303 Broome Street). It has a theme “RED” and so everyone will be wearing a bit of red in some creative way. The fabulous Linda Lightchaser is curating this event so I expect the music and fashion flock will flock to it. DJ Pazel will provide the tracks. If this one is a hit, 12 more will follow at various locations, each with a new theme and sound. I want more of these.

My friend Demetra Songs has been lamenting the loss of everything wonderful here in beloved NYC and is actually threatening to banish herself to L.A. OMG NO! Demetra is a musician who also DJs and promotes parties all around town. If a club was great, she would work there and be important. Alas, she finds herself at a different joint on a different night promoting the heck out of it and providing great music, curating DJs and promoters and flyers and all that goes into making the work actually work. Her parties are fun. She’s having one tonight with live music at the almost always great Bowery Electric (327 Bowery at Joey Ramone Place (2nd street)). Acts slated are Steve Conte NYC, The Cringe, The Nuclears and Broken Guru.

Another hot choice for this “must go out” Tuesday night is Suspended Animation: Bottoms Up at Lit Lounge (93 2nd Avenue). Lauren Holden who is an It Girl of sorts invited me and she always ends up in the same room as me, so I expect a friendly yet eclectic gathering. Virginaire is involved with this fabulousness and she will spin a set that’ll include, as she says, “Duo, Deep House, Nu Disco, Original Beats, Collective Death Conscious, Dance Routines and pretty little things.” DJ Jeremy Alisauskas will pop in for a late night set.

Then there is STRUT, Pout, Put It Out this week starring Paper magazine’s maelstrom Mickey Boardman and the legendary Sophia Lamar and a ton of other hosts including top gun Deryck Todd. The DJ is Andrew Andrew. This ginormous gala will occupy ACME (9 Great Jones Street).

All this! and Susanne Bartsch, who consistently brings those who are consistently inconsistent to ON TOP at Le Bain at The Standard Hotel Highline (444 West 13th Street). But wait, there’s more! Frankie Sharp who always stands and delivers at Westgay at Westway (75 Clarkson Street). Tonight there is too much going on to print here, but you can find out more on Facebook.

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