Lou Reed, Gentlemen’s Clubs, and Groupies: After Hours This Week

A seriously cool book signing will roll all the rock and rollers to the seriously cool rock and roll clothing store John Varvatos (315 Bowery) this Thursday at 7pm. The store, formerly the seminal club CBGB’s, has an otherworldly vibe as if the ghosts of all the acts that ever played there linger in its mist. The book will bring Lou Reed and Mick Rock together to sign their book, Transformer, from Genesis Publications. The event is completely RSVP’d out so I’m going to hang outside like a groupie.

While we are on this rock tip I will spend my early Sunday night from nine till midnight DJ’ing at Sapphire (333 East 60th), a gentlemans club. After my set I guess I’ll sneak in to the main room where the "talent" is, and once again become a sort of groupie. I’m working with the ever dapper Todd Smolar in the rock/electro room where everybody is fully-clothed, while DJs Manero and Kevin Lim work the sexy room. The sexy room is somewhat troublesome for DJs, as the songs have to be three minutes long for the lap dancers. I may just go topless in my room to ensure the other is packed. The party is called SINS—short for Service Industry Night Sundays—and Gino Rubinsky and Ruben Araneta are the players to be named.
After that if I’m not all groupied out I will shoot downtown to LIT, my favorite haunt in this naked city. There, I will seek out my friend Joy Rider, who along with Ms Cal, Disco Mike and the Dirty Pearls drummer Marty E, present Yuck Foo—a rock and roll weekly. Ms Cal and Marty will DJ. This party is getting better each week; soon there will be bands and guest DJs. Joy, a bonafide Steve Lewis groupie, is threatening to bring me in for a set. Other Steve Lewis groupies gather Thursdays at Hotel Chantelle for the weekly rock night. Sam Valentine, Bree and Sean Louis bring the masses.
On a weird segue note, Dual Groupe which I will from now on call Dual Groupie, will bring their fervent flock to the Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street), where their mammoth Saturday Brunch (2pm-7pm) will shelter for the winter. RSVP to RSVP@DAYANDNIGHTLIFE.COM.
Daniel and Derek Koch have a good thing going, with a large following of the fabulous who spend Saturdays eating fine fare and sipping champagne. This event  marks the opening of their sixth season, with DJ sets by guys who have far more groupies than I,  DJ Paolo and Matt Winter. Tonight I will attend the grand opening of Suite 36 (18 West 36th Street) and decide whether it is truly grand. They have real talent spinning, DJs Jeffrey Tonnesen, DJ Ruckus and DJ Reach have lots of fans…er groupies.  I like the spaces in this defunct manufacturing district—high ceilings, solid walls, and few neighbors should spell success. Although District 36, being redone as we speak by players to be named later, never gathered enough groupies to be viable.
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