Losing Score(s): Famous Strip Joint Fades into Ether

According to a Daily News report filed today, famous New York strip club Scores — a reputed haunt for celebrities wishing to get their laps danced on at whatever hours of the day — is closing up shop. Problems with liquor licenses and the bad economy are chiefly to blame, and the sad sight reported by said Daily News reporter doesn’t sound all too pleasant: “On Wednesday night, at the E. 60th St. location, a lone customer downed a half-price beer as club employees kept promising dancers would take the stage ‘any minute.'”

No good. You might recognize Scores as the place that Howard Stern found it necessary to constantly endorse on his show, but then again, as reported by the place’s Wikipedia entry, Stern recently dropped his Scores-endorsing ways for Rick’s Cabaret, citing a disagreement with “recent changes.” That couldn’t have helped. Neither could all the corporate tax-evasion charges. Or maybe what they were missing was steak, as the Penthouse Executive Club seems to be thriving these days. Whatever it is, Scores was a New York institution, for better or worse — we mourn it, and hope their talent finds work elsewhere. If anything else, we have a great intern program. We’d be glad to help jump start your journalism career, as we’ve done for so many others in the past.

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