Losing My Twitter Virginity to Sasha Grey

If 2008 was the year when even your grandmother joined Facebook, 2009 is slated to be the year she starts following your Twitter feed. The micro-blogging site is surging in popularity, with everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Shaquille O’Neal updating their feeds daily. But I could never get into it. And I’m on the internet a lot. But with Twitter becoming more relevant in this day of instant information, I decided to pop my Tweet cherry with porn’s newest crossover star, Sasha Grey.

I first discovered her last October, where else but on the internet, and shockingly, in SFW mode. Back then, she had just been cast as the lead in Steven Soderbergh’s latest experiment The Girlfriend Experience, a low-budget affair about a high class escort. Diligent research followed, and to my delight I found that besides on-camera fornication, she was also dabbled in a host of credible, artistic side projects. Winning an AVN Performer of the Year award was almost an afterthought. Then I proclaimed her “the coolest chick in the history of life,” and before I knew it, she was starring in a racy spread for our new issue (out later this month, watch this space for photos and video). Finally, when I could no longer resist the temptations of Twitter, I knew she’d be the perfect partner in which to explore the pleasures of the Tweet. A Twitter vet, she regularly updates her feed with truisms like “Waiting around … to shoot a 4 way gg scene! Wooo hoo, only downside is we’re outside :(“. At first I was nervous, and it took us a little time to find our flow, but Sasha was very gentle and kind. When I got too anxious and made mistakes, she reassured me that everything was going to be okay. In other words, she was a true pro.

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey Hey Sasha, Ben from BlackBook and I’m ready for this interview and a twitter virgin, so “tweet” me you’re ready. ha.

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Hahah I’m here

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey amazing. Why did you decide to start tweeting, and are you iPhone or BlackBerry?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Iphone man! Why? Ohhhh … good ol’ ?Love sent me an email to “follow” him and here I am

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey and how do I know it’s really you and not just some PR flack pretending to be you, like Britney?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media HAhaha? What? Ummm I’ll take a screen cap of what I’m doing right now … hunting for payment processing services for my website since mine f’d me over

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media well shit, okay I’m still new to the tweet pic so i can’t send a screen grab but here’s the link

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media For all of you wondering WTF I’m doing: a “tweet” interview with BlackBook magazine:)

BlackBook_Media that’s right. We’re breaking journalistic barriers here. this is groundbreaking stuff. So Twitter or anal sex? What’s funner?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media where’d ya go?

BlackBook_Media I’m here!

BlackBook_Media I guess we’re still working out the kinks. This is a new medium.

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey I forgot to write your name before each post!!! I told you I was a virgin

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media hahah it’s okay


BlackBook_Media @sashagrey ok, so, when you write hahahaha are you actually ever LOLing?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Wow that sounds really fucking silly, but yes I really do laugh. Otherwise I’d just tell someone “You’re absolutely not funny”

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey okay I’m gonna try and make you lol right now. What’s the hardest part about eating a vegetable? (ask me what)

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media What? Not trying to make an absurd phallic joke about how I’ll eat it

BlackBook_Media ok.. the answer is “getting them out of the wheelchair”

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media you forgot to @me again!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey i SO did. oops!!!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey getting them out of the wheelchair

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media awww invalids aren’t funny!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey it’s pretty great that im losing my twitter virginity to you. cant wait to brag to all my friends.

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Isn’t it great?! 🙂

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey So the internet or anal? what’s funner?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Well funner isn’t quite a word, unless your using ebonics, but I guess hahah isn’t either … Anal sex on the internet is the most funnest … hahahaah, you likey?!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey Well this is the internet, so ebonics is allowed. what would you give up first, porn or the internet?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Watching porn, or making it?

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey not even online porn. all of it. facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, ALL OF IT

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Well I think the nightly news is pornographic, as well as music, commercials, the internet as a whole … so I guess I’d be giving up both no matter which way you look at it!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey There are three Sasha Grey profiles on Facebook and I requested all of them. Will the real Sasha Grey please stand up (accept my request?)

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media The only real one is the one that is synced with my twitter. and has a pic of me with herschel g. lewis

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Yes, I will do that!

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Fuck, ok it will take me a while — I have 225 requests!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey well ben barna should be a priority. Do you accept everyone or do you vet people based on their taste in film?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Ha! Then I’d probably only have 10 friends! No, I accept everyone .. .I’m like the statue of liberty

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey btw, we got our new issue in and your photospread looks amazing. how much fun was that for you?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media That shoot was great, I felt like time flew by quickly but the location and wardrobe were exquisite!


BlackBook_Media @sashagrey what were some of your favorite films of the year? I hope you got to see The Wrestler

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Yes I loved it! I felt like it was 95% brilliant! Only because some of the dialogue felt a bit too sentimental but I’m pleased to see Mickey Rourke back in top form again, he’s still sexy!

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Man on Wire was brilliant as well, and I watched Possession for the first time (even though it’s an older film circa 81)

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey Yeah, I interviewed Phillipe Petit from Man on Wire. He is such a stunning character, a complete individual. Like yourself.

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media I’m jealous!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey Who would you say is the Steven Soderbergh of the porn world?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media ME!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey how much time do you spend online and what’s the first site you check in the morning, other than your own obviously

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Well it’s different everyday, depending on what I have going on … but I usually check my email, cnn.com, brainwashed.com then npr.org but as far as time, anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey Are you a fan of the cybersex? Do you think you’re better at it than most because of your occupation? And by your occupation I mean ‘artist’

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Not really, Id much rather prefer the real thing

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey do any of your twitter followers every give you the creeps, as in do they become twitter stalkers?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Just one, everyone else is cool

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey If you could do a porn scene with any of your followers, which one would it be? Go ahead and make someone’s day.

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media That’s impossible! I don’t want to alienate anyone

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey You haven’t really been updating your blog anymore. Is that Twitter’s fault? Is tweeting the new blogging?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media I’ve been really busy working on my website and developing other projects/brand identity so I haven’t had much time on my hands … but I will be back soon!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey so you see yourself as a brand? Is that brand a variation of yourself? And is twitter a part of your “brand identity?”

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Yes, one that is just starting-of not a variation of myself … no twitter is a way to communicate with fans


BlackBook_Media @sashagrey have u downloaded the blackbook app for your iphone? because you should. it will tell you the best places to eat and drink.

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media You know it!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey shameless plug, obv… What is your favorite bar and restaurant in Los Angeles?

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Seeing as I’m not old enough to drink, I don’t have a favorite bar, restaurant … well that always changes right now i’m addicted to el coyote and STK

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey wow, I can’t believe you’re not old enough to drink … I tend to forget that.

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Ahhh America! Doesn’t mean I don’t:) Everyone knows I’m a scotch snob, so when I do get into bars, they never have my choice of fire water

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey What’s your favorite meal at STK? give them a fat, juicy plug.

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media STK: steak medium rare, corn, spinach, garlic mashed potatoes, or patato … wheres Dan Quail when I need him?!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey true. I know you dabble in electronic music. we’re having a party in LA for your issue hosted by mischa barton. Would you be interested in djing?!

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Yes that would be great, but I spin apple keys not wax! You know who to contact!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey that’s awesome sasha, thank you. so this was fun! you were very gentle with me, and respectful, and I appreciate that. I think I’m well on my way to becoming a twitter stallion, and it’s all thanks to you:)

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media HA! Not a problem, it was easy you weren’t disrespectful!

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey one last joke to try and make you laugh? A woman walks into a sexshop and asks the clerk “where are your dildos?” The man says over by that wall over there, and she says “Oh, ok, I’ll take that big red one.” And he says, “er ma’am, that’s the fire extinguisher.” ta da!

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Ahhhh you have a good heart! 🙂 Jajja

BlackBook_Media @sashagrey no you do! ttyl!!!

sashagrey @BlackBook_Media Thanks! It was a pleasure!

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