London Opening: Tonteria

Exactly why Prince William chum Guy Pelly (along with partner Marc Burton) have chosen to open a Mexican restaurant in Chelsea, we’ll leave to the cultural pontificators. Whatever the reason, Tonteria, the ubiquitous nightlife impresario’s new Sloane Square restaurant and bar, is a study in decadence, with shots delivered via a "shot train" (giving new meaning to the term "going off the rails"), and stylish piñatas welcoming guests’ controlled savagery during special celebrations.

The woody interiors evoke your favorite local ciudad dive, while the wood floors, green-hued lighting, and ceramic tiles transport you to a villa at sunset. For a particular frisson of Catholicism (and lots of fun), the photo booth doubles as a confessional. Though the name translates as "something of little consequence," Tonteria is anything but.

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