Live Like a British Pop Star: The Residence at John Lewis Debuts in London

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As fantasies go, getting accidentally locked in a luxury department store overnight is surely up there. But what if you were actually given permission to stay?

That’s sort of the idea behind the The Residence at John Lewis, a totally unique, furnished in-store-apartment concept. It opens this weekend at their Oxford Street London location (with versions in Liverpool and Cambridge, as well), featuring a gorgeously designed living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. Exquisitely curated, everything within is available for browsing and purchase.

But surely, nothing so quotidian as shopping would get us this excited. Rather, the ultra posh apartment is on offer for impossibly luxurious sleepovers, as well as decadent dinner parties or brunches for you and your most fashionable friends. What’s included? A private concierge and mixologist, a fully Waitrose-stocked kitchen, a chicly stuffed wardrobe in guest’s size, as well as an hour’s worth of private shopping time. And, of course, the chance to live like your favorite British pop star or supermodel, if only for a brief spell.

Those hoping for the chance to experience an overnight stay or brunch/dinner, can apply at any of the three stores this weekend or next (16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th.) Godspeed.