Live From New York… It’s ‘BB Hearts Hollywood!’

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image (From left to right) Photographer Paul Cupo and Molly “MySpace” Gottschalk, with friends Lucas Wilson and Charlotte Davis.

“I think I’d rather get into writing… and acting,” says Molly Gottschalk, made famous for winning a MySpace competition with photographer David LaChapelle—and later becoming his muse. It’s not that she doesn’t still love photography; rather, she’d like to explore her options. And one can’t help but wonder whether or not her move to Los Angeles has had something to do with this change of heart. It’s appropriate too, given that she’s here to celebrate the release of BlackBook magazine’s “Hollywood Issue” at hidden nightlife hotspot Socialista.

Lights dimmed, K-Y Intrigue projected their logo as if promising what would become a fantastic fête. Guests sipped on St-Germain cocktails—that one with rose petal was dangerous—while deejays E.B. and Johnny Sollis spun for a packed house. Alexandra Richards (not Theodora as had been originally Observer-ed) found herself stuck in Spain, and to signal the night’s loss, the brothers donned DIY “NO SHOW” shirts.

Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress Amber Tamblyn, 3:10 to Yuma star Ben Foster, actors Danny Masterson and Josh Madden, New York nightlife icon Sophia Lamar, and designer Alexander Wang kept the party going well into the night. Actually, that’s a lie. Wang wanted McDonald’s too bad to resist, and left a little early. We stayed until the lights came on, however, and ducked over to the Beatrice Inn for, what, our 48th drink.

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