Links: Zach Galifianakis, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Host; John Mayer, Marriage Counselor

● Zach Galifianakis will host Saturday Night Live on March 6th — and the internet goes wild! [Twitter] ● Vice President Joe Biden saw Avatar in 2-D; he is un-American. [Daily Intel] ● Conan O’Brien is paying severance to some staffers out of his own pocket. But just imagine the giant pockets that could fit $45 million. [TMZ]

● Maybe John Mayer has a Controversial Quote Generating Machine? This time, as a relationship expert: “Tiger Woods’ problems come from him being married. The end.” [The Independent] ● Ke$ha wants to remake “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Paris Hilton. Yes please! [Hollywood Life] ● Looking for work? You, too, can star in the dramatic reenactments of the Discovery Channel show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. [Videogum]

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