Links: Zac Efron Hearts Female Strippers, Wyclef Jean For President

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● Disney-raised teen star Zac Efron reportedly blew over $2,000 of T-Pain-type money at a strip club on lap dances and vodka with two friends. But at least he’s not gay, right? [Page Six] ● Katy Perry would “probably” say no to Playboy, though “I Kissed a Girl” probably won’t make classic rock radio, so y’know… times get tough. [Idolator] ● Diana Ross’ niece is claiming that Michael Jackson is her father. She just wants love, affection, and closure. Haha, yeah — she wants money. [TMZ]

● Haitian-American musician Wyclef Jean is considering a run for president in Haiti’s November elections, though governing Lauren Hill and Pras in The Fugees hardly seems experience enough. [NYT] ● Twilight has a new leading man, sort of; Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace is rumored to play Edward Cullen’s bff in the upcoming Breaking Dawn. [E! News] ● Apparently Mad Men‘s depiction of an Ad Age columnist’s time with ad exec Don Draper was all wrong. In part: “we didn’t ask cute-ass questions.” [Vulture]