Links: The Mystery of the Kardashian Baby Daddy, JoBro’s Christmas Card

● A model and wannabe rapper named Michael Girgenti (a.k.a Premo Stallone) is claiming to be the real father of Kourtney Kardashian’s newborn baby. [Star] ● Check out the Jonas Brother’s Christmas Card. Joe, Kevin and Nick are all present as well as their little brother, the bonus Jonas Frankie, and a Jerry Garcia-lookin’ Santa Claus. [HuffPost] ● Sienna Miller is hanging out in Barbados for Christmas where she may or may not be waiting for Jude Law to join her. [JustJared]

● How come all the good Real Housewives drama happens off-screen? A bench warrant has been issued for O.C. housewife Lynne after she blew a court date in a million dollar legal battle with a former business partner. Wonder if that’s her bedazzled cuff business? [TMZ] ● James Hetfield of Metallica remembers his worst Christmas, the one where he caught his brother placing presents under the tree and realized that there is no Santa Claus. [Blabbermouth]

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