Links: The MTV Movie Awards F#&%ing Awesome, Justin Bieber Lesbians

● During Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards, the censors failed so often it was more like a Quentin Tarantino movie than a television broadcast. Here’s a collection of every F-bomb dropped. [Mediaite] ● What was so bleeping awesome? Sandra Bullock kissing Scarlett Johansson, mostly. [CBS] ● When Ben Kingsley mocks Heidi Montag’s unsolicited audition tape for Transformers 3, it’s difficult to tell exactly where the joke is, but it’s still really funny. [Art & Revelry]

● The man who played President Obama in a porno about Sarah Palin, Stephen Hill, fell to his death from a cliff while clutching a samurai sword. It gets more bizarre and much sadder. [Gawker] ● Justin Bieber upped his indie cred by playing a secret show in Queens, while lesbians who look like the young teen have coined the term “Biebians” to describe themselves. [Vulture] ● Some strange illuminati, cult-like business is going on at Facebook, if the company’s secret hooded sweatshirts are any indication. [TechCrunch]

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