Links: Snooki Meets Phoenix; Fed Ex Meets Panda

● “Do you have guidos in France?” Snooki interviews Phoenix on the Grammy red-carpet, sticks in her comfort zone. [Gotcha Media] ● Zac Posen was offended when Harper’s Bazaar asked him to pose with the Count from Sesame Street—obviously he wanted to appear with Bert. [NYTimes] ● Rodarte designs beautiful, gauzy outfits for winter Olympians that probably couldn’t survive a ski jump, but are so perfect you won’t care. [NYTimes]

● A Chicago lady rents an entire extra apartment for her Playboy collection, somehow, in a cool, not upsetting way. [The Reader] ● Welcome to Oaksterdam University, offering “Quality Training for the Cannabis Industry.” If Community ever gets a spin-off, we have the setting. [Jezebel] ● Fed Ex gets itself the best free press of all time, airlifts a panda. [DCist]

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