Links: Shaq Picks Art; And the Internet Said, Let There Be Prehab

● Shaq curates an art show—this is as rad as it sounds. [Vice] ● A portrait of Alec Baldwin, with very delicate lips, commissioned by his brother Stephen, up for auction on eBay. [Perez] ● A Wilco themed sandwich shop opens in Toronto. [Pitchfork]

● Paramount has reportedly purchased a John Hughes script, called Grisby’s Go Broke “about a dysfunctional Chicago, Illinois family who lose all their money when the economy slumps.” [Jam!] ● Evil Dead, reduced to 60 seconds of bloody claymation. [Vulture] ● How Charlie Sheen and a Gawker commenter birthed a new word, “prehab.” [NYTimes]

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