Links: Sarah Palin & Kate Gosselin Go Camping, Chelsea Handler Lashes Out at Angelina Jolie

● TLC is flexing their cross-promotional muscle, sending Sarah Palin and her kids camping with Kate Gosselin and her bunch for the sake of reality television. The world did not implode, though Gosselin did say she was “miserable.” [HuffPo] ● In other Palin-related news, Kathy Griffin called Bristol “the white Precious” while deriding her weight-gain, leading to boos from the Salute the Troops audience. [Fox News] ● Actress Amanda Heard has come out publicly, appearing at a GLAAD event with her partner Tasya van Ree, thereby doubling her own fame. [EW]

● Chelsea Handler cemented her Team Aniston status over the weekend with some stand-up jokes that lacked a punchline, calling Angelina Jolie a “fucking bitch” and a “fucking cunt.” [Hollywood Life] ● Kelsey Grammar is now engaged to his 29-year-old mistress-turned-girlfriend Kayte Walsh, while his divorce from Camille Donatacci is still pending. Efficiency is key. [HuffPo] ● Willie Nelson will not face felony charges for marijuana possession, thank Jah. [Popeater]

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