Links: Robert Pattinson as Bad Omen, Lindsay Lohan as Jaycee Dugard

● Rihanna has some new ink. It reads “never a failure, always a lesson” backwards, but that’s no mistake. RiRi’s current motto is backwards so she can read it herself in the mirror. [Ok] ● Speaking of RiRi, she’s been giving some thought about acting; she’d be up to play an assassin or a lesbian or a lesbian assassin, but only if Megan Fox played her girlfriend. [AngryApe] ● Robert Pattinson may be the tabloids’ tween dreamboat, but he’s a bad omen for his costars’ love lives. First Kristen Stewart, then Emilie de Ravin; now upcoming leading lady Uma Thurman has split from her boyfriend. [Celebuzz]

● Lindsay Lohan may have cracked how to get back into Hollywood’s good graces; after the ill-fated fashion line and Muse cover shoot, Lilo wants to play Jaycee Dugard. [PopCrunch] ● The Nicolas Cage “I’m Broke” sue-a-thon continues, with Cage’s ex suing him for $13 million for leading her into financial ruin as well. [People] ● Jon Hamm is back for seconds on Saturday Night Live; he’ll be hosting again come January. [TVSquad]

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