Links: Robert Downey Jr. Snorted Coke at Age Eight; Chelsea Handler Has a Sex Tape, Too

● Robert Downey Jr. admitted he snorted cocaine with his father beginning at age eight, though it seems scientifically impossible that his father is actually Michael Lohan. [Gatecrasher] ● Peter Chin’s Extraordinary Animals in the Womb looks simultaneously serene and terrifying, as if God and evolution teamed up with Lady Gaga and Damien Hirst. But, like, way better. [Lost at E Minor] ● Despite everything, I believe that people are really worthless at heart: you can now tour the Anne Frank house in 3-D. [Neatorama]

● Chelsea Handler’s pre-fame sex tape includes an stand-up comedy introduction, which we imagine has a similar effect for her partner as those numbing condoms. [Radar] ● This list of the 15 greatest print magazine runs of all time includes both National Geographic and the National Lampoon, so it’s unassailable. [This Recording] ● Hugo Chavez wants Fidel Castro to join Twitter. [Mashable]

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