Links: Rapping Kurt Cobain Raises Ire, Pamela Anderson Skips Sunblock

● Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl are reprimanding the makers of Guitar Hero for giving gamers the ability to make Kurt Cobain rap in the new version of the game; Courtney Love (of course) wants to sue. [FooFighters,GameSpot] ● It’s one thing to flaunt your rebound relationship in the tabloids, but Kate Gosselin thinks Jon Gosselin bringing his girlfriend to meet their kids is crossing the reality-show line. [Radar] ● Miley Cyrus is being approached to make a cameo in the Sex and the City 2. [MTV]

● Shocker: Pamela Anderson doesn’t wear sunscreen, which might explain why the 40-something beach babe is ageing oh-so-gracefully. [DailyMail] ● Katherine Heigl has adopted a special needs child from Korea, making it impossible to hate her for the foreseeable future. [JustJared] ● The producers of the Robin Williams and John Travolta movie Old Dogs are desperately piecing together Bradley Cooper’s cut cameo from the film in hopes of catching that lingering Hangover success. [VillageVoice]

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