Links: Oprah Wipes Drew Brees’ Birthmark; Conan O’Brien Grows a Ginger Beard

● Oprah tried to wipe the birthmark off of Super Bowl champion Drew Brees’ face. What? He’s usually wearing a helmet! Bonus: his mole has a Twitter. [BuzzFeed] ● The easy-to-impress internet is all about 13-year-old blogger Tavi tearing up New York fashion week. The next logical step? A 5-year-old. [Racked] ● A young potential vandal had his leg cut off in a Brooklyn subway tunnel while trying to paint graffiti. That’s so much worse than what his mother warned him would happen. [NYT] ● At this point even stills from an unreleased Lady Gaga music video are mind-blowing. [Haus of Gaga]

● Conan O’Brien has no job and a new beard, but when he feels like it he’ll have a show and a hot shave. [TMZ] ● Dolly Parton is working on a movie version of her life. Obviously, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks should play the buxom country legend because they share a… high-pitched voice. [ONTD] ● Apple’s Steve Jobs is working with a biographer to document his life, too, but there’s far less cleavage and he never sang “Jolene.” [NYT]

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