Links: Nicki Minaj Bracing for Sex Tape, Ashton Kutcher’s Side Girl Sells His Sweater

● There are two rumored sex tapes floating around featuring Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj. If blurry stills are any indication, she’s about to become way more famous. [MTO] ● Bristol Palin says she likes Levi Johnston’s new girlfriend because she’s urging the Alaskan baby daddy to spend more time with his child. [E! Online] ● Cristina Ricci says Robert Pattinson is “a good kisser” and a “lovely human being.” And Kristen Stewart seethes. [Celebuzz]

● Brittney Jones, the woman who claims she took advantage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s open relationship, is selling a sweater she says is Kutcher’s on eBay. The starting bid is the price of her dignity. [TMZ] ● Lil Wayne bought a wheelchair for a fan’s mother — a motorized nice one worth $11,000 that hopefully comes with some rims. [Vulture] ● Harrison Ford says he’s not trying to kill Indiana Jones. [HuffPo]

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