Links: Michael Jackson’s Kids are Stunning; Naomi Campbell Can’t Stop Hitting People

● Michael Jackson’s children were playing with a taser. In some bizarre twist on Cain and Abel, Jermaine’s kids wanted to stun Blanket. [TMZ] ● A woman claiming to be Diddy’s wife was arrested after trying twice to get into a house she thought was his. Little did she know he’s not married and probably lives on a yacht. [AP] ● Kanye West on creativity, in all caps, naturally. [Kanye West]

● This time Naomi Campbell beat up her limo driver. Can’t we get this woman to fight Ruth Madoff in a reboot of Celebrity Boxing or something? [NYDN] ● The producer of The Hurt Locker was banned from the Oscars ceremony for emailing Academy members to solicit votes. He should’ve stuck to Twitter. [NYT] ● Easter is coming eventually so here is some Cadbury Egg porn. [Buzzfeed]

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