Links: Michael Jackson Museum Coming Soon, Christina Hendricks Takes It All Off

● A Michael Jackson museum and performance center is coming to his hometown of Gary, Indiana. Kids get in free! [CNN] ● Anna Wintour hates her loud neighbors, and though her first course of action was an understandable warning, Plan B includes Molotov cocktails filled with Chanel No. 5. [Page Six] ● Bad celebrity bras are like bad pizza: still sorta good (unless you’re Liza Minelli). [Wonderwall]

Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks stars in a new video for the band Broken Bells, in which she removes her body parts in the sexiest way possible. [Vulture] ● The death of Gary Coleman may have involved some shady activity on the part of his ex-wife, who might not have had the authority to pull the plug on the late actor. [TMZ] ● The man behind the hilarious @BPGlobalPR Twitter account speaks out. [Street Giant]

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