Links: Lionel Messi’s Skimpy Day at the Beach, Eminem Resurrects Megan Fox’s Career

● Katy Perry, not to be outdone by perennial rival Taylor Swift, brings us her own album news in the form of the cover art for her upcoming record Teenage Dreams. In our version, however, there are no clouds. [Huffington Post] ● Yep, the best soccer player in the world has a gorgeous girlfriend (and likes to wear undies to the beach). [TMZ] ● Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made a funny when he compared the oil spill to Mel Gibson. Too soon, on both counts. [AP]

● Megan Fox has gone from working with director Michael Bay to reportedly being cast in director Joseph Kahn’s next project, a music video for some guy named Eminem. [E!] ● That was quick. Fox is now moving forward with a Barefoot Bandit movie, with Dustin Lance Black (Milk) penning the script and David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) looking to direct. Being a criminal is awesome. [Variety] ● Has Mark Zuckerberg seen The Social Network trailer yet? “Someone showed me a part of it,” the founder of Facebook tells Diane Sawyer. On his impersonator Jesse Eisenberg: “He seems like a nice guy.” [Gawker.TV]

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