Links: Lindsay Lohan’s Cellmate Tells All, Linda Hogan To Be Married To Child

● Alexis Neiers had the pleasure of sharing lock-up space with Lohan, and kept her mind on the important things in life: “I mean, she got to keep her extensions in and everything.” [HuffPo] ● Rihanna will make her film debut in a movie adaptation of the board game Battleship; Rihanna needs a better agent. [Vulture] ● Congressman Barney Frank was up in arms over a $1 senior discount for his ferry ride to Fire Island’s The Pines over the weekend. Sure, it sounds absurd for a national leader to be fighting for anything non-geopolitical, but, uh: Team Barney. [Page Six]

● Linda Hogan, ex-wife of Hulk, is now engaged to her 21-year-old boyfriend — a friend of her son’s, naturally — and gunning for that cougar top spot. When reached for comment, Demi Moore said, “Who?” [PopEater] ● Did Justin Bieber do something dirty or were internet troublemakers responsible for “Justin Bieber molests fan” shooting to the top of Google Trends? Guess, the answer might surprise you! (It won’t.) [Celebuzz] ● How was Comic-Con 2010? “An exercise in total failure,” to put it lightly. [Videogum]

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