Links: Lindsay Lohan is Off Her Leash; Heidi Montag Calls Cops on Mom

● Lindsay Lohan wanted so badly to be let into the Ray-Ban party that she threw a temper tantrum, told security to “fuck off” and possibly even threatened to wear Oakleys. [Page Six] ● The legendary series Law & Order has been canceled, spawning 7,456,349 Facebook groups and Twitter puns from distraught viewers yet to realize the same episode has been on loop for eight years. [Deadline] ● The soundtrack for the new Twilight film, Eclipse, is appropriately “indie,” featuring Vampire Weekend, Jack White’s The Dead Weather and a secret track: the sound of Robert Pattinson breathing for 3 minutes. [MySpace]

● Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt called the police on Heidi’s own mother when she showed up unannounced at the newly plastic reality star’s house. And Lauren Conrad counts her money again. [TMZ] ● “Jennifer Aniston: I Am Not Eating Baby Food!” Good to know. [People] ● Subway sandwich shop will not just sit back and watch other bread and meat makers use the phrase “footlong.” Pornography is another war altogether. [Gothamist]

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