Links: Lindsay Lohan Beats Betty Ford Worker, Demi Lovato Goes Off the Deep End

● Lindsay Lohan is being investigated for allegedly hitting a female worker at her Betty Ford rehab clinic. If guilty of misdemeanor battery, Lohan would violate her parole and probably head back to jail. [HuffPo] ● Ryan Reynolds is supposedly “beyond sad and depressed” about his divorce from Scarlett Johansson despite the fact that he openly told people that “she treated him badly.” The travails of being pretty and dumb! [Us Weekly] ● Glee‘s Heather Morris is being considered to play the lead role in the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer. [Access Hollywood]

● Demi Lovato, currently in rehab for “emotional and physical issues,” has faced down allegations of drug abuse, sex tapes, and all kinds of bad behavior this winter. The latest is a claim that she sent a psycho email to Twilight‘s Ashley Greene for “stealing” her boyfriend, Joe Jonas. [X17] ● Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are being mysterious about rumors that they’re a couple, though they certainly play one in Blue Valentine, which comes out soon. Hint, hint. [People] ● Paris Hilton’s plane was evacuated because of a knife on board. That’s not hot. [TMZ]

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