Links: Lindsay Lohan Accused of Fraud, ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 2 Trailer Finally Arrives

● What if we imposed a Lindsay Lohan media blackout day once a week? Not only so the internet wouldn’t be inundated with such depressing and vapid news, but also so she could catch a break from getting sued. [TMZ] ● Lindsay blackout day can’t be today, though, because in addition to her fraud charges, one time a cop confused her cocaine for a breath mint. [TMZ] ● Though they’ve been banned from schools across the nation, adults have started to wear Silly Bandz. Kids can’t handle the power. [NYT]

● “We’re ready to come out and destroy this place,” says Snooki in the Jersey Shore season 2 trailer. Take cover. [Celebuzz] ● Christina Hendricks thinks Jessica Alba’s body might top her own. Everyone everywhere declares a tie. [HuffPo] ● Avatar’s Zoe Saldana is engaged to her low-key boyfriend, who will never hear the end of jokes about blue private parts. [People]

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