Links: Lady Gaga Takes a Tumble, Sandra Bullock Sings

● Don’t you just hate when your crotchless leather pants get caught in your 8-inch heels and you fall in front of the entire world? [Styleite] ● Harrison Ford wore Wrangler jeans to his wedding, which seems preferable to his Indiana Jones and Han Solo outfits, because whips and sabers are just embarrassing. [People] ● Daniel Radcliffe on hearing Justin Bieber for the first time: “I genuinely thought it was a woman singing.” Celeb beef is just what these two weenies need. [MTV]

● Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at a Nashville fundraiser to perform “Smoke on the Water,” her third choice after Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” and the Sandra original “Jesse Ain’t Shit.” [EW] ● When the boys of Jersey Shore got punk’d into appearing on the cover of the Village Voice‘s Queer Issue, even the photographer had no idea what was going on—shirtless men, baby oil, and all. [Observer] ● Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa hates Kim Kardashian, and all other wives everywhere hate them both. [HuffPo]

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