Links: Lady Gaga Covers ‘Rolling Stone’ Nearly Naked, Jeremy London Drug Story Still Unraveling

● Lady Gaga, equipped with two machine guns and skimpy undies, appears on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone, taking on that overexposure problem ass first. [HRO] ● After his second alcohol arrest, actor Chris Klein checked himself into rehab. If he meets a new agent there, it can be a two birds, one stone-type thing. [People] ● A man ready to be sent to prison in less than 48 hours for possessing a huge amount of drugs is taking questions on an internet forum. [Reddit]

● Jeremy London, who claimed he was kidnapped and forced to take drugs, looks more and more like a bad liar now that it’s come out that he lost custody of his son and was being regularly drug tested. Now it’s not even a good movie plot. [Radar] ● Jay-Z has settled his lawsuit with Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz over the baseball slugger’s use of Jay’s nightclub name Forty/Forty. Yankees win again. [Starpulse] ● Maybe judges are criminally underpaid, because this one wants to write crazy things about an Anna Nicole Smith murder mystery. [TMZ]

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