Links: Lady Gaga Broke & Fabulous, Britney Spears as Potential Jewess

● It doesn’t come cheap looking like Lady Gaga, although she’s often caught with no pants; her lavish wardrobe and shows have bankrupted the singer four times. [TheSun] ● Despite rumors to the contrary, Disney starlet Raven Symone did not give birth to a child recently. [JustJaredJr] ● Ryan Renyolds let it slip that he and wife Scarlett Johansson plan to adopt — although not any time soon. [US]

● Brooke Shields reveals that during the course of her friendship with Michael Jackson, he often asked her to marry him; she politely declined offering lifelong friendship rather than a short-lived marriage. [SFGate] ● Britney Spears is reportedly going through yet another change. First she was a Baptist, then she followed Kabbalah, and now she might take up Judaism. [AceShowbiz] ● Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds is finally in the can — it will run a 2½ hours, just one minute more than its Cannes debut. [ThePlaylist]

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