Links: Kurt Cobain is Coming to Theaters; “We Are The World” is Better on YouTube

● Plans for the Courtney Love-sanctioned Kurt Cobain biopic are moving forward, because if you’re an artist, your life is only a path to the movie about your life. [Rolling Stone] ● A sadly predictable new survey shows that Harvard students rarely get laid. They blame “over-scheduling” and “isolated academia,” which is what non-Ivies call “no game.” [Lime Life] ● Ryan Phillippe is done with Reese Witherspoon — I mean, Abbie Cornish. Wait, who? [People]

● The best part about this all-amateur YouTube version of “We Are The World”? No Justin Bieber. The worst? Still no Ke$ha. [ONTD] ● A new study confirms what even Dick “Practically Satan” Cheney knows: gay soldiers will not, in fact, disrupt the military. When real research and the Vice President of Hell agree, it’s probably time to ditch Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, no? [NYT] ● Will Arnett and Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz have a new Fox pilot in the works. It’s not quite an Arrested Development movie, but who really needs more Michael Cera anyway? [THR]

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