Links: Kim Kardashian Pissed at New Naked Pics, Taylor Momsen Goes Bonkers on Balls

● Kim Kardashian, who entered the public consciousness via sex tape and Playboy spread, is “really upset” about new photos that expose her body. [RadarOnline] ● James Franco, ever the enigma, is not a gay stoner. Or is he? [The Advocate] ● Twlight: Eclipse will be released again this weekend because it is Bella Swan’s birthday. Since it is not actually about money, the showings are free, right? Right? [Deadline]

● Taylor Momsen, the whiskey-swilling Courtney Love acolyte and problem child from Gossip Girl, set her dog’s neutered testicles ablaze. That is all. [MTV] ● Madonna’s daughter Lourdes started public high school in New York City. According to a real newspaper, one student saw her “in the cafeteria” and “she was talking to people.” [PopEater] ● Lauren Graham, better known as Lorelai Gilmore, is dating Peter Krause, better known as her half-brother on Parenthood, creating a pairing that has even fan-fiction writers scratching their heads. [Redbook]

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