Links: Kim Kardashian Approves Heidi Montag Nude, ‘True Blood’ Kills

● It’s on, it’s off, it’s on, and it’s off again … Sam Ronson broke up with Lindsay Lohan via text message, prompted by a dinner with Ronson’s friend Nicole Richie. [E!] ● If you see an ad with Barbara Walters hawking anti-aging pills, don’t believe it; Exilatrol is using Bab’s photo to promote their pills unbeknownst to Walters. [TMZ] ● Kim Kardashian gave Heidi Montag the “final OK” for posing nude in Playboy; Kardashian told her the magazine is “very classy and artsy.” [US]

● Blood lust is in full swing; True Blood’s second-season premiere ratings were up 51% from their season finale, averaging 3.7 million viewers — the most viewers HBO has had since The Sopranos series finale. [EW] ● Genre network shows, however, are so last year; science-fiction slanted shows like Heroes, Lost, and Smallville all took a tumble in ratings this year, with only the CW’s Supernatural doing better than expected. [AirLockAlpha] ● Michael Phelps has landed his first endorsement gig since “Bong-gate.” Phelps will promote H20 Audio underwater headphones. [USAToday]

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