Links: Kanye West @ The Gap, Katherine Heigl Makes Out

● Fashion students beware: Kanye West is after your internships. Word is West has been spending lots of time at The Gap offices shadowing creative director Patrick Robinson. [Stylelist] ● Things might not all be well on the set of Katie Holmes’ new film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark; rumor has it she made the crew sign a “no Scientology questions” contract. [] ● The band The Living Things will play The Ramones in Floria Sigismondi’s Runaways biopic; the lead singer is the husband of the film’s director, which probably helped their chances. [spinner]

● In the latest toy-to-movie conversion, Dreamworks is set to acquire the rights to the popular Viewmaster toy and somehow make it into a movie. [EW] ● Remember En Vogue? Well, networks take note — they want a reality show as “another venue to get their music out,” i.e. reinvent their career. [mediabuffet] ● Katherine Heigl admits her husband doesn’t particularly like it when she makes out with hunky co-stars like Gerard Butler, but as she tells him, it’s her job. [news24]

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