Links: Justin Beiber’s Backstage Goodies, Congress Finally ‘Gets’ Stephen Colbert

● Like a normal teenage boy, when Justin Bieber’s on tour he demands Swedish fish, bread and honey, and Vitamin Water. Oh, and white t-shirts, both extra small and large. [Smoking Gun] ● Lindsay Lohan’s rehab spot is called the Betty Ford Center, after the First Lady with alcohol and opiate addictions. So at least she’s in good company. [TMZ] ● Some days you’re Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits, running over the paparazzi, and some days you’re the paparazzi. Or something! [HuffPo]

● When two people have been something resembling “friends” for years, based largely on one making fun of the other, it’s a harsh realization to wake up and feel like the butt. That’s Congress and Stephen Colbert. [Politico] ● Heidi Klum is leaving Victoria’s Secret after what feels like decades as the face of the brand. [People] ● Jessica Alba’s nude scene in the film Machete was faked, as she was actually wearing white underwear. If you are disappointed, seek help. [Guardian]

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