Links: Hugh Hefner on Kate Gosselin Naked: ‘No! No!’; Madonna and Jesus Play the Hits

● Mr. Playboy himself, Hugh Hefner, gave a Kate Gosselin appearance in his magazine the veto adding, “I don’t think she’s a celebrity.” [HuffPo] ● Gaga Stigmata is a submission-based blog dedicated to “critical writings and art” about Stefani Germanotta. [Gaga Stigmata] ● If Robert Pattinson plays Kurt Cobain and Kristen Stewart does her Courtney Love thing the whole world might just be all right. [PopEater]

● It will cost a club owner over $900 a minute to have Madonna stand next to a beautiful man named Jesus while he DJs. [The Sun] ● Rudy Giuliani’s daughter stars in a piss poor Harvard-based YouTube soap opera, and because her father’s a moron, some people care. Funny how this world works. [Gawker] ● Are the protesters in Kyrgyzstan hipsters? [Buzzfeed]

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