Links: Hole Becomes Whole Again; Women Aren’t Getting Laid; Telephone Pop

● Courtney Love and the rest of Hole jammed together for the first time in over ten years. A rise in huff-able drugs would not be completely unexpected. [Spin] ● Skinny Kelly Osbourne is dressing like Fred Flintstone. Her father still sounds like he has prehistoric rocks in his mouth when he speaks. It works, kind of. [The Sun] ● Women aren’t getting laid because the men they typically get laid by are sick of them. Better than sick by by them, right? [Gawker]

American Idol was finally beaten in the ratings war. How does it feel to be bested by a twirling stoner on plexiglass nicknamed “The Flying Tomato,” Simon Cowell? Kinda pitchy, dawg. [Business Insider] ● A list of the ten most culturally relevant telephones. Somehow, Colin Farrell’s Phone Booth didn’t make the list. But yes, The Duck Phone of Jersey Shore did. Naturally. [Flavorwire] ● Hipster Runoff contemplates the most “Important Bro in the Music Biz” that is somehow, unbelievably, not Hipster Runoff. [Hipster Runoff]

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