Links: Gaga Fails to Make Esquire’s ‘Best Dressed’; Your Vagina’s Talking; Long Duk Dong, Remembered

Esquire‘s list of the Best Dressed Men of All Time failed to include Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga Penis Conspiracy Theorists everywhere cry foul. [Esquire] ● Your vagina has things to say. Well, someone else’s vagina has things to say. And that vagina thinks your vagina should listen to it talk about your vagina and vaginae everywhere, and what everyone’s respective vaginae has to say to their respective owners. [Crushable] ● Axl Rose took time out of his busy schedule to un-invite people who weren’t going to show up to his concerts in the first place. Paradise City, Population: Axl Rose. [Village Voice]

● John Hughes will get a tribute to his work at this year’s Oscars; tragically, the kid who plays Long Duk Dong is not scheduled to appear. Yet. [Deadline Hollywood Daily] ● Snooki from Jersey Shore is being “evolved” by society (our words, but either way: yes) as she has confessed to reading her first book. It is not Goodnight Moon, but it is also not Gravity’s Rainbow. Can you guess what she’s reading? Also, suggestions for other Snooki-ready literature. We suggest she moves towards the great French thinkers: Madeline, then Camus. The joke is that she’s a dumbass. [Guest of a Guest] ● This dog and Taylor Swift are basically twins, down to the pitchy howl and everything. Even the whole “underdog” complex. Seriously. Because it’s a dog. [TinyPic]

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