Links: Francis Bean Has Flown The C.Love Coup, ‘Jersey Shore’ v. ‘The Hills’

● Well, Courtney Love may not be back on drugs, but she lost legal guardianship of her daughter Frances Bean all the same. Kurt Cobain’s offspring will spend the holidays and the rest of her jailbait time with grandma. [People] ● Now that the Championship glow has worn off, is Kate Hudson done with Alex Rodriguez or is Alex Rodriguez done with Kate Hudson? [HollywoodLife] ● Lindsay Lohan is selling designer items from her closet on her family’s website. Nose bleed stains and coke residue cost extra. [Us]

● Despite the fake tan, fake hair, and fake boobs Nicole Polizzi a.k.a. Snooki claims her show Jersey Shore is better than The Hills because they keep it real in everything but body parts. [Us] ● Stephen King says Twilight‘s Stephanie Meyer “can’t write worth a darn” and that her books are successful because of their non-threatening nature. Upon hearing this, Meyer went home and cried into her pile of money. [Examiner] ● Orlando Bloom and his Victoria Secret model girlfriend Miranda Kerr are still not engaged. Someone cares. [People]

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