Links: Fergie Renews Vows With Stripper-Loving Husband; World’s First Sex Robot Premieres

The New York Daily News gossip page doesn’t need jokes, because this is a real headline: “Stripper cheating allegations behind them, Fergie and Josh Duhamel renew wedding vows.” [Daily News] ● Comedian Aziz Ansari sent a Facebook message to a girl who called him a “giant douchebag” in a Twitter update. “Are you basing this on characters I play on TV?” he asked. “That is pretend.” [ONTD] ● Yankees star Derek Jeter will marry actress Minka Kelly on November 5th. A New York Post “reporter” scored the scoop by sneaking into the “reception palace” pretending to be a bride-to-be. Is that journalism or Drew Barrymore movie? [NY Post]

● The “world’s first sex robot” debuted at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, featuring five “girlfriend personalities” and a $7,000-$9,000 price tag. Its creator claims his inspiration was 9/11; the terrorists win. [Gearlog] ● You can now watch video of Kate Gosselin’s 20-hour hair makeover, though the clip is condensed to under 4 minutes because Andy Warhol is dead. As are art and culture, apparently. [The Sexist]

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