Links: Evan Rachel Wood + Mickey Rourke, Jason Bourne Hates James Bond, Lauren Hutton Attacks

● It’s a good thing MTV renewed The City, as it gives Whitney’s frenemy Olivia Palermo more time to practice her acting skills. She’s reportedly using the reality show to jump-start a “serious” acting career. [THR,P6] ● Anne Hathaway describes her experience on Tim Burton’s forthcoming Alice in Wonderland adaptation like being “invited [to the] sandbox to play around.” [TheNational] ● Could those rumors be true that Evan Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke are an item? They were seen in a lip-lock at a SAG after-party. Draw your own conclusions about the parallels between Rourke and previous Wood beau Marilyn Manson. [PopCrunch]

● Matt Damon has called the fictional James Bond character an “imperialist, misogynist, [and] sociopath” among other choice words. That does seem like the pot calling the kettle black since, Jason Bourne is no boy scout. [PopCrunch] ● Nobody on the Dexter cast was shocked when Michael C. Hall married his onscreen sister Jennifer Carpenter. I guess it’s just Dexter fans who find this creepy. [TheInsider] ● File under jobs never to apply for: Lauren Hutton’s assistant. The former model was reportedly yelling at her assistant to hurry up carrying heavy cases of Fiji Water. At least she didn’t throw her cell phone a la Naomi. [P6]

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