Links: Dustin Hoffman Mugs, Christian Bale Rager Tee, Hillary Duff vs. Faye Dunaway

● Dustin Hoffman pulls a Spencer Pratt by mugging for the cameras, faux-reading tabloid mags for them. [JustJared] ● Could Allure be the next magazine to fold at Conde Nast? [P6] ● That didn’t take long: get your Christian Bale “We’re Done Professionally” shirt for only $17.95! [DispairInc]

● Crossover darling of the art and fashion worlds Ryan McGinley has shot the new Stella McCartney ad with Kate Moss. He was also shot by Jurgen Teller for the new Marc Jacobs ads. [Models] ● Hillary Duff is fueling the fire for a feud with Faye Dunaway, after Duff told a reporter “I might be mad if I looked like that now, too” (referring to Dunaway’s worked-over face). [JustJared, Youtube] ● Which actor’s films have made the most money? You might be surprised. [BoxOfficeMojo]

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