Links: Drew Barrymore Will ‘Rip Your Face Off,’ Sean Penn Looks Killer in Drag

● It’s not that Drew Barrymore is ashamed of her past — she’s more than willing to talk about it — but know when to stop: “God, I wanted to punch her, she would just not drop the youth thing…man, I wanted to rip this woman’s face off.” [HuffPo] ● All-star producer Timbaland was so devastated by the theft of his $2 million watch that his family put him on suicide watch. He claims that he was just driving around aimlessly, probably looking for that $2 million watch store. [TMZ] ● Party Down‘s creators are working on a new show, called Temps, that’s almost indistinguishable from Party Down, with a new work locale in every episode. [Vulture]

● Sean Penn, with a blown out wig and a face full of make-up, is not playing Robert Smith in a Cure cover band. He’s filming a movie, but you know he’s enjoying it. Liberals! [PopEater] ● Rodeo, allegedly a contestant on a VH1 show called Rock of Love, has a lot to say about Michael Lohan. Like, “He owes me $10,000,” to start. [VH1] ● Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell will make cameos in Scream 4, which just means they will be chopped to bloody bits. [PopWrap]

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